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Rehamed Therapy Blog

At Rehamed Therapy, we tend to be a trendsetter, given the combined experience that our team of experts has to offer. With our bi-weekly blog posting covering areas that are important such as: 

  • Physiotherapy
  • Sports Rehabilitation
  • Health
  • Technology 
  • Nutrition 
  • WHP

We not only ensure top-class blog postings but also to educate on the knowledge that it’s a must-know for everyone. With our physiotherapy and sports science backgrounds, our highly expert team is here to share in handling a wide variety of injuries, basic information on prevention and cure that you should know, research paper, opinion pieces and many more.

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 About Our Blog

Our team is the cultivation of years of experience in the respective fields of Physiotherapy, Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation. Having treated and trained the country’s finest athletes, our team is now looking to impart our experience and knowledge to the general public.

Prevention is better than cure as they say. Knowing how to prevent it before it gets worst is an important knowledge to have. Our blog posts are all written by our expert team after a series or research and study to ensure the highest quality of information.

The team members at Rehamed Therapy thrive on one thing — personalized and customized rehabilitation and recovery programs that cater specifically to each person who walks through our doors. We listen, we analyze, we observe, and we act; making us the preferred choice amongst a host of famous names, and society alike.

The topics of our blog posting are either from a research paper or an opinion based on current situation or an event that is taking place. It varies from time to time based also on the case study, themes of the month and common cases either within Rehamed Therapy or within the National Athletes.

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