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Rehamed Therapy provides first class rehabiliation and physiotherapy in KL. We provide treatment and rehabilitation programmes that are not only tailored to your injury/pain, but also to your unique bodily characteristics as well as the goals agreed with you to return to your daily and/or sporting life. Every individual needs to heal in their own way.

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Rehamed Therapy offers the complete journey from post-injury recovery all the way to preventing new injuries by taking you through the various rehabilitation stages of Physiotherapy, Sports Therapy and Re-Conditioning. This means that we are taking the therapy and care normally provided to professional athletes and applying this your injuries, whether occurred as part of your daily lives or during sporting activities. We are also able to pick you up in the middle of your rehabilitation following initial therapy treatments elsewhere.

Our world-class team has spent their careers handling the injuries of top athletes and bringing them back to and beyond their initial strengths. Recognized as providing amongst the best physiotherapy in KL, together with our unique facilities, we are confident to bring the best rehabilitation and care to any of your injuries or recovery needs. You can learn far more below.


At Rehamed Therapy, we differentiate between and treat both acute injuries and chronic pain. We know that injuries can occur at any time, whether at home, at work or during sporting activities, all of which are areas our physiotherapists will focus on.

An acute injury is one that occurs quickly and often times pain and loss of functionality of the injured body part are immediate, and typically occur either through direct (external force) or indirect (internal force) mechanisms. These sorts of injuries are characterised by symptoms ranging from sudden severe pain and swelling, extreme limb weakness or an inability to move the joint/limb through its range of motion, to visible dislocation or break of bone in the injured area.

Our specialists are highly qualified to help you recover fully from your injuries, incl.:

  • Joint sprains such as in the Ankle or Knee
  • Fracture in particular in the Wrist
  • Dislocations in particular in the Shoulder
  • Muscle Strains or Pulls in different Body Parts

Our goal is to ensure you return to all your activities with a complete rehabilitation of the injured body part and full confidence in yourself and your body.

Chronic Pain

Unlike an acute injury, chronic pain develops and worsens over an extended period of time (typically longer than 3-6 months) and is often ignored at the beginning. In this case, the pain can outlast the usual healing process. Therefore, rehabilitation is focused on healing and strengthening the injured body part for long-lasting results.

Chronic injuries also include overuse injuries that develop slowly and characterised by pain when performing an activity or a dull ache when at rest. Further signs of a chronic injury are joint pain, muscle aches, fatigue and sleep problems, as well as losses of stamina and strength usually resulting from decreased activity due to pain.

Our physiotherapists focus on a wide range of chronic injuries, including:

  • Elbow tendinitis in particular for Golf and Tennis
  • Cervical spondylitis resulting on chonic Neck pain
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Disc prolapse and other Lower Back injuries
  • Knee osteoarthritis

Treatment of chronic pain is often dismissed but can yield immediate improvements in overall fitness and quality of life, part of our mission here at Rehamed Therapy.

Post Surgery

One of the most common and important application areas for physiotherapy and physical rehabilitation is during post-surgical recovery. This can range from muscle and/or joint re-stabilisation and -mobilisation all the way to direct re-strengthening and re-training of the operated body part.

At Rehamed Therapy, we focus on providing Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation services for two main areas of surgery:

  • Orthopaedic – This branch of surgery involves the musculoskeletal system (bones, muscle, ligaments, tendons and joints). In particular, we provide physical therapy for Ligament/Tendon reconstruction, Meniscus operations, total Hip/Knee replacements, Shoulder repair and various Spinal surgeries.
  • Cardiothoracic* – This involves surgical treatment of organs within the thoracic (chest) area; more generally, treatment of conditions of the heart and lungs. Here we focus on Ventilatory training and Postural drainage for sputum release.

Our Rehabilitation specialists can help Stroke patients improve their recovery and mobility with our programmes. Overall, our goal is to provide the optimum support and recovery to your daily (and, where applicable, sporting) lives following surgery.

 *Note: For Cardiothoracic and Stroke cases, we are only able to accept patients having been discharged and given clearance to exercise from their doctor or treating physician.

Strength & Conditioning

In addition to our Physio- and Sports-Therapy services, we look beyond recovery and provide Strength & Conditioning (S&C) to help prevent further injuries in the future. S&C is important for everyone who wishes to pick up a sport as it improves physical fitness hence preparing the body for physical activity required in sport.

Every sport has its own unique methods of training, most of most of which can however be repetitive in nature and hence prone to chronic injury. A proper S&C allows an athlete to strengthen supporting muscles, even out muscle imbalances, increase mobility, correct posture, stabilize joints, learn new movement patterns, enhance coordination and peripheral skills, and so much more. This altogether will help boost performance & minimize the chances of future injury.

For patients who have previously been injured the level of fitness would decline, to a certain extent, hence making them prone to re-injury. The role of S&C at this point would be to restore the physical fitness and performance levels to pre-injury state, at the very least. There’s never any harm in aiming to be better than before injury.

Our team is experienced and knowledgeable in handling sports injuries, hence are confident in helping people achieve their goals in the most efficient/safe  manner.

Learn More About Your Injuries

At Rehamed Therapy we have extensive knowledge about the various types of Injuries and also the physiotherapy and rehabilitation methods for optimum recovery and return t your daily activities. Please click below to learn about your specific injury and how we treat it, otherwise please book an appointment with us so we can start your therapy at the soonest.

State of the Art Machinery

leg press machine

Leg Press / Trunk Extension and Flexion Machine

This machine improves eccentric and concentric contraction of  muscles (teaching you how to control muscle  movement/contraction). It allows trainers to control the range of motion and  angle of positioning (in cases where range of motion  is limited e.g., after surgery), perform isometric testing, and helps to regain muscle function and muscle awareness.

stationary bike

Stationary Bike (Kardiomed 700)

Customisable riding positions to accommodate various knee flexion angles, the bike allows for IPN-testing and is a cheaper and safer alternatives to many other testing forms. The connection to heart rate allows for accurate measurements and prevents improper cardiovascular stress.

srt machine

Stochastic Resonance Therapy (SRT) Zeptor® Medical

A high-performance appliance that has proven itself very successfully as a prevention and therapy method for countless neurological  and orthopaedic  illnesses. Through random disturbances, regular therapy with the SRT improves neuronal stimulus and muscular recovery. The SRT is excellently suited as an  accompanying treatment to conventional physiotherapy.

IPN test suite

Data-Centric Testing, Analysis and Reporting

The IPN Test Suite allows central data management and  enables the trainer to upload training data  into each patient’s own exclusive card.  These are slotted into the exercise  machines and gives full  details  of  patients’ exercise programs, allowing the trainer to track training/rehabilitation progress in real-time and in a report to the patient.

Learn More About Our Facilities

As shown above, our Centre facilities are second to none. Our vision is provide national athlete level facilities and care to all our patients. Our unique equipment allows us to do just that.

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