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As part of our engagement and communication with both the scientific, customer and social communities, Rehamed releases periodic newsletters, media items, journal articles and webinars based on our knowledge of physiotherapy and sports science.

For downloads and/or links to these Rehamed Publications, we have archived them here for your access. Enjoy!

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Rehamed Therapy Publications, News and Articles

Nicol David - The GOAT

physio and athletes

Newsletter - Sept 2020

Yahoo! - Rehamed Therapy: New Physio & Rehab Centre

Newsletter - Jan 2021

Newsletter - Aug 2020

Unexpected Disturbance for Rehab

Nicol David - Greatest Athlete

IAAF - Sports Science Webinar

Newsletter - Dec 2020

Newsletter - July 2020

Newsletter - Oct 2020

TheStar - Jorg can make you Fit

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