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Rehamed Health Club

Welcome to the Rehamed Health Club! As part of mission here at Rehamed Therapy, we not only want to provide you with world-class physiotherapy and rehabilitation at our centre, but also enable you to continue your treatments at home whenever possible. We are here to ensure that you recover with excellence!

Therefore, we are excited to invite you to our Health Club. Here, we provide both advice in the form of Classes to ensure that your home exercises are undertaken with care and precision, as well as inviting you to join our Fitness Therapy programme which focuses on additional fitness with a therapeutic background. It’s of utmost importance to us that everything you do to better your health is done from the best scientific and sports therapy background.

Get access to the Rehamed Health Club for RM50 a week

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Online Classes

We provide online classes that focus on the various injuries of our patients in order to focus on the home exercises that are right for your injury. Our aim is to educate on the causes and effects of how our body works, to ensure that you undertake the best practice exercises, and to supplement your physio and rehabilitation through the best technique.

There are a variety of classes that we invite you to, focusing on:

– Back pain

– Knee Injuries


– Ankle Injuries


– Muscular strains

– Neck strains, and


– Elbow and wrist discomfort.

Everything we do is focused on physio and sports therapy rehabilitation, as our experts know how best to bring you back to your daily and sporting routines.

All of these classes can be reached and followed for free through this link:

NEW: Fitness Therapy

In addition to the classes, Rehamed will be hosting fitness courses with a physiotherapy and sports therapy background. These are different from other online courses that you will see in the fact that we focus not only on the correct sports scientific techniques to ensure the maximum gain, but also catering for your specific body needs and strengthening.

We are offering:

Flexibility & Mobility: Each class is designed to lengthen and strengthen muscles, releasing tension and promoting joint mobility and stability, helping reduce your risk of injury and providing an improved feeling every day.

General Re-Conditioning: In order to stay injury and pain free, we know how to ensure that your joints and muscles can handle your every day home, work and sporting activities. Let us prepare you!

Core Strengthening: Here we build muscle endurance and enhance cardiovascular fitness, to ensure that your body core, where you derive your energy, through our course will be in tip-top shape.

For RM 50 per week, you will have access to ALL THREE of these fantastic Fitness Therapy programmes!


For RM50 per week, get the whole Package!

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