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Return to Sport Program

Re-injury upon returning to sport is a common occurrence, and we are no stranger to it.

Our return to sport program specifically targets those who want to return to an active lifestyle of recreational and/or competitive sports. Our main goal is to return an individual to sport stronger and fitter than they were prior to injury on top of reducing the risk of reinjury.

Step 1


  • Manages pain
  • Obtain full range of motion of affected joint(s) due to injury
  • Individual will be able to do basic daily living activities
Step 2

Sports Therapy/Rehabilitation

Introduces basic aspects of exercise:

  • Balance (Proprioception)
  • Coordination
  • Mobility
  • Agility
  • Reaction Time training
  • Sports specific training
  • General fitness
Step 3

Strength and Conditioning

  • Takes over and progresses the training given during the sports therapy phase
  • Further re-conditioning
  • Injury prevention

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