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With physiotherapy, allied health care professionals work together to diagnose and treat individuals of all ages suffering from medical conditions and/or health related conditions that limit their abilities to move and perform functional activities in their daily lives.



Strength and Conditioning

There is more to strength and conditioning than just losing weight and gaining muscle mass. It uses exercise to provide functional benefits (such as improving posture and ameliorate muscle imbalance), physiological benefits (such as improving bone density and promotes production of good cholesterol) and can also reduce the risk of injury (and/or reinjury).



Return to Sport Program

Re-injury upon returning to sport is a common occurrence, and we are no stranger to it. Our return to sport program specifically targets those who want to return to an active lifestyle of recreational and/or competitive sports. Our main goal is to return an individual to sport stronger and fitter than they were prior to injury on top of reducing the risk of reinjury.



Workplace Health Promotion

Our workplace health promotion (WHP) program is offered to companies, businesses or organisations that want to improve their employee health that, in turn, will reap productivity and lower the rate of leave of absences taken due to health. This WHP promotes occupational wellbeing through education onsite and offsite.



Sports Rehabilitation / Sports Therapy

Unlike physiotherapy, this particular service is targeted for those who want to further their rehabilitation to return to active sporting activity. It is a step after physiotherapy and is known as the remodelling phase. We have have ensured that our therapists and trainers have taken a step further (from their degrees) and are well versed in exercise prescription. Not only do they strengthen the affected area, they also condition the rest of the body to prepare to return to sports.


Sports Massage

Sports massage is a type of massage that focuses on manipulating soft tissue in order to improve performance and prevent (further) injury. With repetitive movements from sports or work for an extended period of time, our muscles tend to get tight and knotted up. Sports massage promotes injury recovery by relieving muscle tension, reducing muscle fatigue and breaking scar adhesions (along the muscle fibres). Just like how sports massage benefits athletes pre- and post-competition, it also benefits any individual taking part in any sporting competitions or physical activities.



Our geriatrics program mainly focuses on fall prevention by slowing down the rate of sarcopenia (muscle mass loss), improving neuromuscular reaction and improving balance. Each program is tailor made based on the tests we conduct to determine the degree of risk of falling of an individual.

On top of that, our physiotherapists are well versed in managing pain related aging conditions such as knee, hip, back and neck pain.


In-House Doctor

Our in-house doctor, Dr. Kamaljeet Singh, will be in every Saturday from 10am to 12pm for consultation purposes. All doctor consultation is appointment based only. Please call, whatsapp or email us to make an appointment.

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