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The third pillar of Rehamed Therapy’s business is offering our Sports Rehabilitation services to Professional Sports Athletes, Teams and Associations to provide world-class care to Malaysian athletes across a wide variety of sports and disciplines.

The majority of our team comes from exactly this background having provided Physiotherapy, Sports Therapy and Re-Conditioning for National Sports athletes and icons, bringing them back from injury and ultimately exceeding their fitness targets.

Aside from working directly with sports teams, providing rehabilitation for their athletes, we also bring performance analysis and training for continuous success.

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Sports Rehabilitation Partner

It is our firm belief that physio- and sports-therapy, and the rehabilitation of injured athletes form a core part of the performance of any sporting team. The more healthy and fit athletes are available for development and competition, the better the chances of maximising success. Therefore, we are looking to work in partnership with sports teams and associations alike to provide their athletes with our top-class sports rehabilitation care.

As a Rehabilitation Partner, we provide our services and facilities in a few ways:

  • We provide treatments at our clinic for injured athletes of the Sports teams we partner with, optimising their rehabilitation and ensuring the appropriate testing regime to monitor and report their performance
  • We provide onsite Physiotherapy and Medical coverage for corporate sports events and also at competitions/tournaments for governing sports bodies, in particular where on-site physiotherapy is not available
  • We also collaborate with Institutions of higher learning and governing sports bodies in providing seminars, workshops or short courses to enhance their knowledge

With our highly experienced team, you can be assured that your athletes and team will be available and at maximum performance for longer periods of time, building the basis for continuous development and achievement.


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Performance Analysis

Performance Analysis provides a baseline objective information on the level of fitness and performance traits (mobility, balance, strength & power, endurance, reactivity etc) in which all can inform decision making in optimizing performance & injury prevention.

As part of our performance analysis, we focus on testing:

  • Static Balance (Balance Tracking System), assessing weight distribution, limb asymmetry, sensory integration and general mobility
  • Dynamic Balance to assess neuromuscular coordination and overall readiness for sporting performance
  • Strength & Power, in particular in the legs as well as any asymmetries present

Through these tests we can focus not only return to sporting activities for injured patients but also help streamline training for non-injured athletes and ensure the teams’ fitness and performance targets are met and over-achieved.

Our goal is to provide Performance Analysis to aspiring high performance athletes and also to sports teams, in order to drive and target their continuous improvement and accelerate performance in their disciplines.

Sports Retainer Service

In particular for teams that do not require a full-time physiotherapy partnership, but have fewer athletes in need of sports rehabilitation or are looking for therapeutic support for a particular subset of injuries, Rehamed Therapy also offers its services on a Retainer basis.

Here, we offer our Physio-, Sports-Therapy and Re-Conditioning services:

  • For a monthly flat rate
  • Catering to a particular number of patients on a continuous basis

This model is advantageous for sports teams or clubs that may see frequent injuries among their athletes/members and are looking for top-class care accessible at any time.


Learn More About Sports Rehabilitation Partnership

For more information, or to engage Rehamed Therapy for your Sports Rehabilitation Partner needs, please contact our Business representatives through Email, Whatsapp or through our website.

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