Sports Rehabilitation Course

Take the next career step in sports and health – be the next Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialist in Malaysia.

Malaysia needs more Sports Therapists! Are you one of them?

A diverse curriculum with a wide variety of “high-level” content, dedicated to all angles of Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation, taught in theory and practice by experts in a friendly collegial interaction between participants, speakers and course management.
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Level 1 – Fundamentals of Sports Rehabilitation

In the first level, students will gain an understanding of the Fundamentals Orthopedics Analysis and Sports Rehabilitation. It is a diverse curriculum that covers Anatomy and Physiology, Injuries and Biomechanics, Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, Performance Analysis, Strength and Conditioning and various Injury Management techniques. Students will be able gather abilities in basic diagnosis and analysis of sports injuries, as well as their treatment principles. This level provides a solid foundation and equips students with necessary knowledge to move to advanced level.

  • Understanding the Fundamentals of Sports Rehab
  • Introduction to Injury Analysis and Basic Treatmet
  • Performance Analysis for Data-based Rehabilitation


17 Modules

17 hours


Face to Face classes

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Level 2 – Advanced Sports Rehabilitation

In this level, students deepen their learning on Sports Rehabilitation and in particular regarding its final phase of Injury Prevention. Students will learn in-depth on topics such as Rehab Training guidelines, Sports Injury, Injury Prevention, Treatment Modalities and hands on experience some of the state-of-the-art equipment such as SRT and Bio-feedback Training at Rehamed Therapy. This is a crucial level for students to apply what they have learnt in Levels 1 & 2.

  • Advanced Methods of Sports Rehab
  • Strength & Conditioning and Injury Prevention
  • Rehab and Training Guidelines throughout Recovery
  • Sports Injury Specifics and Treatment Modalities


17 Modules

17 hours


Face to Face classes

performance analysis for sports rehabilitation

Level 3 – Rehab-specific Training

In the final stage of the program, students will learn to oversee the Overall Rehabilitation Program and monitor rehab progress throughout. This level hones into the Rehabilitation Methodology for specific injuries (such as Back, Shoulder, Knee, Ankle and others), from initial injury analysis through to long-term prevention. Upon the completion of this level, students should have acquired all the necessary knowledge and skills to perform and manage sports rehab programs, most importantly to personalize the rehabilitation to the patients. Furthermore, they will have the confidence to apply these learnings in the next levels of their careers.

  • Specialisation of Sports Rehabilitation
  • In-depth Injury and Rehabilitation Analysis
  • Sports Therapist Accreditation


17 Modules

17 hours


Face to Face classes

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Course Content

3 Levels, 9 Days, and more than 50 hours of face-to-face classes taught by thought leaders and industry experts from physiotherapy, sports therapy, sports science, and the medical field.
Course lising

LEVEL 1 - Fundamentals of Sports Rehabilitation

Fundamentals of Orthopaedics

Musculoskeletal Physiology

Basic Strength & Conditioning

Fundamentals of Sports Rehabilitation

Support technician

LEVEL 2 - Advanced Sports Rehabilitation

Introduction to Sports Injuries
Advanced Performance Analysis
Injury Prevention Training
Exercise Physiology
Advanced Sports Rehabilitation
performance analysis for sports rehabilitation

LEVEL 3 - Specialised Sports Rehabilitation

Completion Topics
Specialised Treatments
Specialised Sports Rehabilitation

We've been working with former Malaysian F1 racer Alex Yoong for many years. Check out why Sports Therapy is so important for athletes like him.


Questions? We put together the most commonly asked questions about our Sports Rehabilitation Course. If you cannot find the right answer, do reach out to us and we’re happy to help!

Who is the Sports Therapist course for?

The sports therapist course is for all Physiotherapists, Coaches and Personal Trainers who are looking to boost their Skills and elevate their career to the next level.

Do I receive a certificate?

A certificatewill be  provided at the end of each level, with Overall Accreditation achieved at completion of all 3 levels.

What is the format of the Sports Therapist course?

The classes take place face-to-face. You will get homework/1 mini-project for each level (25% of total grade) to cover the topics that were discussed in class. At the end of each level, there will also be an examination that will be marked by the supervising therapists (75% of total grade).

Can I join any level of the Sports Therapist course?

Each educational program is concluded with a theoretical and practical examination, covering the aspects learned in the course. The completion of Course 1 is necessary for the participation in Course 2, and so on.

Is it possible to fail the course?

The following requirements need to be met to achieve the Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialist “Sports Therapist” Accreditation:
  1. Regular participation in class ( maximum absence of 3 lectures (half day) per level);
  2. Satisfactory completion of work assignments;
  3. Successful completion of a written final exam;
  4. Successful participation in a practical audit;

How much does the Sports Therapist course cost?

Each level of the course costs RM1,500 net.

What athletes say about us

We have worked with many top athletes to help them recover and achieve new peak performances. But don't take our word for it. Check out some of their reviews below.

"World-class facility with state-of-the-art equipment and experienced staff."

Nicol David

Professional Squash Player

"They are world-class. So for any prehab or rehab, I would only ever use Rehamed."

Alex Yoong

Professional Race Car Driver

"Thank you Rehamed! Without their guidance and support, I wouldn't be where I am today."

Leona Chin

Professional Race Car Driver

"The programme they’ve designed for me made me a much stronger athlete."

Aiman Abu Bakar

Professional Boxer

Prevention & Reconditioning

3 Levels, 9 Days and 51 Lessons

The educational program for Sports Therapy accreditation is spread into three courses called “Levels” – each consisting of 4 Sundays in a row within one month, per quarter.

The training includes in total 9 days with about 54 teaching lessons (each 60min) in theory and practice and additional introductions in different sports. The fourth day of each level will host a final examination, and throughout the course a project will also be graded.


You will learn the theory behind sports therapy so you are equipped with the required knowledge.


In the practical sessions, you will learn how to apply the theoretical concepts in a real life environment.

State of the art equipment

At Rehamed, we always have the latest equipment to work with our clients. You will learn how to operate the equipment and how it will help in the recovery of your clients.

Learn from the best

You will learn from the best! The course is taught by experienced physiotherapists and the best sports physicians of the country that have helped Malaysia’s top athletes on their way to recovery.

Meet your instructors

This course has been designed by a selected panel of experts from the fields of sports rehabilitation and medicine in close collaboration with top Malaysian athletes.
Course instructor profile

Jörg Teichmann

Jörg Teichmann started as a sports therapist in Bavaria Clinic while coaching junior track and field jump events. He came to Malaysia in 1997 having been appointed by the National Sports Institute and was in charge of the rehabilitation and recovery of athletes from various sporting backgrounds. He has also written and published numerous articles that make him an expert in his field.
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Rachel Tan

Rachel Tan has worked at the Malaysian Sports Institute (ISN) where she had aided many great national athletes in injury recovery. She is well known for working mostly with top Malaysian artistic and rhythmic gymnastics athletes. Her expertise are Strength & Conditioning training, Return to Sports rehabilitation program. She is a certified HRDF Workplace Health Program Trainer.
Course instructor profile

Dr. Chan Kin Yuen

Dr. Chan Kin Yuen is currently a Consultant Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgeon at Gleneagles Hospital and Subang Jaya Medical Centre. He specialises in Orthopaedic Sports Medicine, Shoulder and Elbow, Knee and Foot, and Ankle surgery. He is the current president of the Malaysian Association of Sports Medicine (MASM) and vice-oresident of Asian Federation of Sports Medicine (ASFM). He is also a medical committee member  of the Olympic Council of Malaysia.
Course instructor profile

Dr. Alwin Joshen

Dr. Alwin Joshen Ganasan taught as a senior lecturer for 12 years. He has Served the Ministry of Health as a Consultant in the Field of Rehabilitation Medicine. His past patients include Dato Lee Chong Wei , and Dato Nicol Ann David.  He is currently in academia and clinical research full-time while doing hospital consultations on the side.

Hi, my name is Jörg Teichmann

Welcome to the exclusive Sports Rehabilitation Course of Rehamed Therapy. This course will equip you with the knowledge, skills and certificate to become a Sports Therapist in Malaysia. The Sports Therapist course is truly the first of its kind in Malaysia. Together with my colleagues and esteemed partners from different disciplines, we have tailored a course for you that will boost your knowledge, skills, and career to the next level. We are proud to be able to offer this course for you and look forward to seeing you in class!

Jörg Teichmann

Co-Founder & Programme Director, Rehamed Therapy